Citizens Against Police Entrapment (CAPE) 

Welcome to Citizens Against Police Entrapment, which was created by Sobin Sperm Bank. We are located in Washington, DC where we are engaged in local, national and international research, advisement and activism on behalf of consenting adults. We look forward to helping you avoid police entrapment by providing information and advice on the methods that police use to illegally entrap and imprison citizens engaged in consensual adult activities. Our support comes from the Safe Streets Arts Foundation, a division of the Prisons Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and donations from informed citizens like you. Contact us at

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Message from our President

Welcome to CAPE! I have been elected to serve through 2015 as President of Citizens Against Police Entrapment ( I am honored to have this position. It is an opportunity to help make Amercia a truly free society, just as our founding fathers and great American leaders like Benjamin Franklin, Victoria Woodhull and Martin Luther King Jr intended. Too many people are being arrested in America today due to police entrapment.

     I am a former college professor who is the author of several books. Presently I serve as Director of the Safe Streets Arts Foundation
. Safe Streets Arts Foundation is a respected organization that receives grants from the government and prominent organizations, and holds events at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. I also perform classical guitar at the Kennedy Center. 

     Regretfully, I am the victim of police entrapment.

     It happened some years ago when I was asked by a government official to come to City Hall to give testimony at a public hearing in my capacity as Director of the Safe Streets Arts Foundation. I decided to go despite a stay-away order in effect against me that an estranged relative who worked at City Hall had obtained. Such stay-away orders are easy to get. 

     After receiving the request to come to City Hall for the public hearing, I assumed that this would take precedent over the stay-away order. But it was a setup. When I walked into City Hall, the police were waiting with my picture in hand and they arrested me on the spot. I had been entrapped.

     I soon realized that what happened to me was not an isolated instance. Every day hundreds of harmless citizens are entrapped in America. As author James Bovard says, “In recent years, entrapment schemes have exploded as government agencies seek to distract attention from their failure to protect citizens from real criminals and to maximize their power to intimidate people.”

     You often hear about entrapment when undercover female police officers pretend to be escorts or massage professionals for the purpose of entrapping and arresting men desiring such services. Or when undercover male police officers pretend to be customers of escorts and massage providers for the purpose of compromising, entrapping and arresting women. All these victims are harmless citizens whom police seek to catch in a moment of excitement, need or carelessness in order to entrap and arrest them.

     CAPE exists to combat this. Our mission is as follows:

1.  Advise citizens on how to avoid police entrapment.

2.  Identify means of reaching service providers who can be trusted to respect the rights of citizens.

3.  Alert citizens of the latest police entrapment schemes.

4.  Encourage government officials to end police entrapment.

     Please visit our website often and join our email list below for valuable information that is frequently updated. Our goal is to expand our knowledge constantly so that you can live a happy, fulfilling, worry-free life—something that all Americans deserve. You can do your part to help by joining our email list to receive special news and alerts. Also, you can become a CAPE crusader by making a donation and receiving our recorded interviews with experienced and reliable escorts and masseuses. Finally, you can write letters to your newspaper as I do (see my letter on this page recently published in four newspapers).

     We appreciate your interest in CAPE and thank you for your support. Please contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

Thank you,
Dennis Sobin

“As president of Citizens Against Police Entrapment (CAPE), I believe that using police to target adults seeking the intimate company of other consenting adults--whether for fun, for love or for money--is a waste of police time and taxpayer money.”
Dennis Sobin, quoted in City Paper

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